dominique crisp

Chef and Oyster Director.

Wren, Oregon. Home birthed in a cabin on a vineyard in 1987. Dominique Crisp, a future Mediterranean style cuisine chef was given champagne to taste as the first thing to ever indulge in as family tradition would have it. You could say palate was set at a high standard since birth. Infatuation with cooking started at a young age due to public televised cooking shows. Service industry began at the age of fifteen as a dishwasher in a local pizza parlor.

From pizza in a sleepy college town to Portland Oregon hospitality seen. Twelve years flew by and now L & E poaches Dom from the booming Portland bar and dine seen and gives LA a chance. Upon promotion to Executive Chef, Dom continues to focus on sustainability and seek only the finest oysters and seafood from reputable sources.

dustin lancaster


An old soul from rural Oklahoma, Dustin Lancaster fell in love with the East side of Los Angeles a little over a decade ago. Dustin has been cultivating a unique craft of making Angelenos want to meet, eat, drink and be merry, starting at his first establishment, Covell in Los Feliz.

Hilariously, if you asked Dustin to describe himself, you’d get “I’m just a Bud-drinking boy from Oklahoma.” To which one might respond: I guess you can take the boy out of Oklahoma, but fortunately for Los Angeles, you can’t get Oklahoma out of Loz Feliz.

Prompted a little further, Dustin would say he just loves people, he loves wine, he loves the adventure, and he loves what the future holds.

tyler bell


Tyler Bell has been in the restaurant business for over 20 years. He co-owns restaurants and bars in Los Angeles and Montgomery, Alabama.

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